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Please spend some time here and explore the world of Random Deafness which I inhabit as a conseqeuence of having PUHL (Profound Unilateral Hearing Loss). I find that people in general are less intereted in its medical name of PUHL (Profound Unilateral Hearing Loss), or its nickname of SSD (Single Sided Deafness) — they really just want to know that the person with PUHL they’re trying to communicate with can sometimes hear them okay but sometimes they can’t hear them atall — what makes it worse is that there is no way of knowing when that might be, or for how long it might last before the person with PUHL is once again able to hear what you are saying as you try to have a conversation. That seems to be fundamental in order to avoid friction or misunderstandings. Account needs to be taken for the near certainty that the person with PUHL will have lost some of the context of the conversation as they flip between hearing and not hearing I hope this website assists people nourish that understanding.

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Please listen to the podcast above and also the videoa in the  main blog section where you can check out the FAQ ‘ s and so on.  I hope to add some more content soon for people to comment on and get some feedback but until then I hope you will enjoy the website. I shall update it and hopefully make it more stimulating and interesting to come back often.

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This is not a medical website so if you are experiencing a lessened or reduced power of hearing in one of your ears then please do consult an audiologist.