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A nice tie can bring a whole outfit together. They also allow you to easily diversify your wardrobe simply by mixing and matching ties with different shirts and suits. But ties are delicate. If you don’t take care of them, they can easily become worn and tattered. Instead of being a punctuation point to a sharp suit, an unkept tie will make you look bad. Here’s a short run down on how to care for your ties.

Untying your Ties

Care should be taken when removing your tie. After a long day of work, I know you probably just want to get the damn thing off. But fight the temptation to pull the thin end of the tie through the knot. While this is the easiest way to get your tie off, it ruins the shape of the tie in the process. If you want to make your ties last, remove your ties by following the tie-tying steps in reverse.

Storing Your Ties

When putting away a tie, many men roll them up, stuff them in a drawer, or lay them over a chair. But ties are made of delicate fabric and are extremely impressionable. So as soon as the tie comes off, drape it over a coat hanger. Hanging your ties properly makes it easier for the creases and folds from a knot to fall out.

A nice tie rack is a good investment. Tie racks make storing and organizing your ties much easier. Spend a little on a rack now, and save money in the long run by making your ties last.

When travelling, fold your ties into fours and place them in your jacket pocket. That will help maintain your ties’ shape while travelling.

“I think one of the reasons I’m popular again is because I’m wearing a tie. You have to be different.” — Tony Bennett

Cleaning Your Ties

A small stain can ruin any tie. Use care while eating with a tie on to avoid getting food on it. If you do stain your tie, take action quickly.

If you take your ties into a dry cleaner, specifically request that they don’t press your ties. Most dry cleaners do, but ironing a tie presses down on its rolled edges and ruins its shape.

Removing Wrinkles from Your Ties

As mentioned above, ironing ties should be avoided. But it’s inevitable that your ties will start to wrinkle. The best way to get the wrinkles out without ruining your tie in the process is using steam. For easy wrinkles, simply hanging your tie in the bathroom while you take a hot shower will do the trick.

Tie Pins

Tie pins are nice because they keep your tie in place and out of your food. However, tie pins leave holes in the fabric of your tie. To avoid these holes, insert the tie pin through the fabric keeper on the back and then through your shirt. No holes, but your tie will be kept in place.