The Service

The Service — Servitum Nulli Secundus.

Simply phone 07749 419885 to place an order with your name and address details and depending on where you live relative to the Troon area we may be able to uplift or return the garment(s) or you may prefer to drop them off yourself. Mobile is best but alternatively you could phone ☎ (01292) 738339 or click here to use our online form


Take up Sleeves
Take in Sides
Shorten Hem
Line in Silk partially or fully
Line in Cotton partially or fully


Adjust Waistband
Shorten Length
Take in Seems
Reline Dress partially
Reline Dress fully


Let Waist Out/Lined
Take up Hem
Take in Waist
Take in Seat
Take in Seams


Shorten Sleeve
Take in Sides
Take in Back or lined
Reline partially
Reline fully/jetted pockets


By adding minor details it can make your garment look different and more desirable.


Do you need to inject new life into a garment that is great on the outside but not inside. Replace that old lining with a new top quality lining and give it a whole new lease of life!